Our Mission

Our mission at AcnePop is simple, and true to the core of many young adults struggling with this disease:

Provide Help To Those Struggling With Acne

AcnePop.com is one of the best resources on the web to find information on how to remove acne, pimples, marks, scars, and many more ailments.

how to get rid of dark spotsMeet The Author

My name is Chris, and I too struggle with acne.

Since a young age, acne has always been a problem…

To this day, I still struggle with backne! (back acne)

Which is why I created this website for you.

See, acne needs a community and content that provides valuable information.

Here at AcnePop.com, we strive to provide this to you.

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Take your time with acne: this affects everyone.

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Don’t be embarrased. Do something.

Take a stand against acne, with AcnePop.